Hello my name is Antoni i am the developer and inventor of .bitraido , i have been building .bitradio for 5 weeks now and i have been enjoying every second of it. While some people might think its hard to build something like .bitradio but its actually not that hard , most of the developement process is using online available tools and APIs however the hard part for me was integrating those APIs and building the UI. I wanted to build .bitradio so that i can discover other peoples taste in music , personally i really love calming music as it helps me with depression and stress relief something that i have been suffering from since i quit smoking 3 years ago , and the other reason i wanted to build .bitradio is to spread awareness about depression and share my experience with others , and also share my music taste with the community. i also have built many other cool projects in the past , feel free to check them out :

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